What’s On… Your DVR

What’s On… Your DVR

Today I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for the first installment in a new monthly series. Whats On I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been nursing the baby or rocking him thinking of an idea for a blog post that I have every intention of writing and then never get around to doing. No more excuses! This former English teacher loves a good prompt writing, so I’m looking forward to the link ups and getting back to my abandoned blog. So… What’s On..My DVR! First of all, I freely admit I watch a lot of TV. A lot. Since I’m still breastfeeding, I have a lot of time to catch up on my shows or binge watch a new series. Most of it is reality TV. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. That’s probably my #1 go to if I want something quick and mindless. Surprisingly, when I looked at my DVR, there’s actually more of a variety of shows than I thought. Almost everything I watch is DVRed. In fact, we’re down to only 21% free space on the DVR. Eeek! Better watch some more shows! 1. How I Met Your Mother This is the most watched show in our house, aside from Friends, and I’m still so sad that it’s over. Like so sad that I haven’t been able to delete it from my DVR. If I don’t delete it, then it’s like the show isn’t over, right? I have to credit my husband for getting me into it. Before we started dating, I only watched a few episodes when Britney Spears guest starred during season 3. So glad I went back and watched from the beginning. No spoilers here, but for the record, I am so pleased with the way it ended. himym-how-i-met-your-mother-20633153-1600-1280 10586design-1 2. Game of Thrones  Ooohh, Sunday nights just got exciting again! I highly recommend reading the books too. Even if you’ve started watching the series, the books are all 1,000+ pages, so there’s a lot of detail the show just can’t get to, though the writers do an incredible job of staying true to the books. Winter is coming! Game-of-Thrones-Cast-Wallpaper-1-image-credit-GameofThronesWallpaper.com_ If you are a GoT fan, you’ve got to watch this bad lip-reading. The first time I watched this, I had been up for hours one night with our then 2 month old. At about 4 a.m., this actually got me to smile and helped me make it till morning. It’s still funny even now that I’m better rested. http://youtu.be/5Krz-dyD-UQ 3. The Big Bang Theory This show is so popular at our house that we have a cat named after one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper. Witty, quirky, lots of good one liners. My husband’s 83-year-old grandfather even watches it. Bazinga! 431311 4. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Thank you notes, hashtags, duets with Justin Timberlake, witty banter with Higgins. What’s not to love about Jimmy Fallon? I was worried his show would change when he took over The Tonight Show, but it’s just gotten more awesome. His laughter is so contagious. I used to think it was hilarious when he just couldn’t keep it together and would laugh during his SNL sketches. #HeyHeyHeyHey Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4 jimmyfallon-1024x1024 5. Rehab Addict Loving HGTV right now! There’s just something about a girl who can demolish part of a house and restore it to it’s original goodness AND look this cute while doing it. Seriously, she’s adorable. And she gets in there and does manual labor. And knows what she’s doing. phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg 6. Living Alaska This new series is about couples who relocate to Alaska and their house hunting adventures. My husband and I took a 13 day cruise and land expedition to Alaska in 2010. While there, we honestly considered selling everything and moving. Apparently, that’s how a lot of people end up in Alaska after vacationing. They just fall in love with it like we did. Don’t think I could survive the winters though. HGTV_Living_Alaska_GooglePlus_2120x1192-newseries 7. Giuliana & Bill They make me laugh every episode. I love everything about this show: Giuliana dancing and trying to sing, Baby Duke’s cuteness, Bill putting up with G. Oh, and they’re always relocating, remodeling, redecorating. I don’t know how they can move so much, but it sure is fun to watch their decorator at work. GB_6B_TVE_2560x1450_1280x725_213540419594 8. Bravo Hi. My name is Chandra, and I’m a Bravo-holic. This network is genius at marketing to women. Housewives, I watch them all. WWHL. Always turning in to see who Andy has in the Clubhouse. I’ll admit it…I’ve even watched the one hit wonders like Princesses of Long Island and Down Below. I think my husband secretly likes watching some of these shows with me too. He never seems to mind when they’re on and he knows most of the housewives by name. He’s a good man. 🙂 Bravo-TV-Logo-Wallpaper Of course there’s plenty of other good stuff on my DVR: Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, The Little Couple, The Crazy Ones, The Blacklist, The Following, Blue Bloods, Grimm…the list goes on and on. When I’m not watching my own shows, I’m watching BabyFirstTV with baby Graydon. This network is genius! I love all of the educational programs they have even for infants. His favorites are: VocabuLARRY– a toucan who learns new vocabulary words. Best part about it is that the theme song is sung by the Barenaked Ladies and is super catchy! We’re always singing it at our house. Graydon is crazy about the song and drops whatever he’s doing to listen. maxresdefault Other BabyFirst favorites: Unknown-8Unknown-9Unknown-10peek2 It’s great that all these shows are 5-15 minutes segments, so they keep baby’s attention for a few minutes without having to commit to a full length show. We can just pop over to this channel for a few minutes and there’s something fun on that he loves. It really does help when I need to get a few things done around the house…or go to bathroom kid free. Yes, I’m that mom already. Putting my 6 month old in front of the TV so I can get a break for a few minutes. Hey, it works and keeps me sane. Whew! Now that I’ve talked about all my favorite shows, it’s probably time to nurse baby Graydon again. Back to my DVR!

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