Easter Weekend 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

IMG_6465 He Is Risen Indeed! What a beautiful weekend we had celebrating our Savior. Easter is my favorite holiday! I have such happy family memories growing up going to sunrise Easter service at the beach when we’d stay at my grandparent’s condo, huge family gatherings (as all family gatherings are in my family) for lunch, Easter egg hunts, cascarones EVERYWHERE, Easter baskets filled with goodies. I. LOVE. It. All. Since it’s Graydon first Easter, I want to start some family traditions of our own. He’s still so young. I know he won’t remember them yet, so this year is more for Tim and I to make memories. IMG_6746 While Tim was at his gig, Graydon and I had some fun in the kitchen. My little sidekick played in his high chair with these two eggs for 30 minutes. If I knew plastic eggs could keep his attention that long, I would’ve given them to him a long time ago. IMG_6735 We hard-boiled the eggs in the oven. Whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS. Bake on 325 for 30 minutes, and they come out perfect. No boiling water mess or potentially cracked eggs. They’re actually easier to peel too. Just pop them in the oven and go about your business. If they come out with brown spots on them from the muffin tin, immediately put them in an ice water bath and the spots should dissolve away. Whatever doesn’t come off will be covered with egg dye anyway. This is the second year we’ve baked the eggs and I don’t see myself ever boiling them again. It’s just so efficient and easy if you have several dozen. So while the eggs were in the oven, Graydon and I finished an Easter craft. IMG_6343 We started this bunny a week ago and just now got around to finishing it. Never did find the original link on Pinterest, but it was easy enough to look at the picture and figure out. The hardest part was getting good footprints. My little jumper did not want to stand still and we’d come out with a footprint with only two or three toes. (I cheated and painted in the missing toes with a brush.) IMG_6752 Here’s a close up of my little bunny. I added magnets to the back and put it on the fridge. I just can’t get over the cuteness of his little face. It makes me laugh every time I walk into the kitchen. After the craft, I worked on the chalkboard (first picture in this post) that hangs above our laundry room door in the kitchen. IMG_6760 Little boy finally got tired of playing with the plastic eggs in his high chair, so upstairs and into the bath we went. He has his Easter jammies on and is ready to find out what all the fuss is about tomorrow.

IMG_6418IMG_6363 Since Tim is at church on Sundays for setup and rehearsal before we even wake up, we decided to celebrate the Easter Bunny portion of Easter on Saturday. Our little family of three had a favorite breakfast treat of sausage bake and cranberry orange muffins while we exchanged baskets. I ordered each of us new baskets from Pottery Barn Kids with our names. Ours say “Mom” and “Dad.” IMG_6779 Some of the items in Graydon’s basket: -Life-the-Flap Tab book of animals. These books are great for little ones since the pictures are so big and colorful. We’ve been reading these with him since he was about 2 months old. -Sophie the Giraffe teether. Apparently, these have been around since the 1960s. Another genius idea! He already loves chewing on it. I can see him taking it everywhere when the teeth really start coming in. -Frozen. I’m pretty sure we are the LAST people on Earth to see this movie. Although I’m certain I know all of the words to Let it Go! -Noah’s Ark and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny that I found at Half Price Books. -Stuffed animal monkey. This is kind of random. Tim won it in one of those claw machines, so we gave it to Graydon. The last animal he won was a pink fluffy pig (though it looks like a teddy bear) when we were dating, and until we moved into the new house last summer, I kept it under my nightstand. So we may have overdone it a little with his Easter basket, but he’s our only baby and it’s his first one. It probably won’t be like this every year, but it sure was fun this year! IMG_6409 This little boy was exhausted from all the fun, so he napped and we got ready to dye eggs. IMG_6421 Maybe in another year or two Graydon will get to participate. He sat in his high chair and chewed on his Sophie. Until then, Tim and I don’t mind dyeing all of the eggs. IMG_6436 He wanted so badly to grab all of the eggs from the drying rack. IMG_6826 Sunday we had a great service at church. This weekend, we told Graydon the story of the resurrection. We want him to grow up knowing and loving Jesus, and we tell him Bible stories and pray with him on a daily basis. For now, he just smiles and giggles, but one day he’ll begin to understand. IMG_6830 He had so much fun at church, he needed a quick nap before our friends came over. This is a rare sight! He hasn’t fallen asleep in Tim’s arms like this since he was a newborn. So sweet! And so nice that mama didn’t have to nurse or rock him to sleep. Yay! Win-win! IMG_6442 Our friends Ryan and Cory and their son Cole came over and we grilled ribs and had a low-key casual Easter dinner. IMG_6447 Graydon loved sitting on the couch with Cole and watching a Bee Movie. He was mesmerized by him and kept looking up at him about every 5 seconds. IMG_6453 Baby’s first Easter was a success! I hope y’all enjoyed your Easter weekend as well.

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