#phillipsfamily2014 Week 16

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 16

I’m taking a picture a day for every single day this year. Follow along on Instagram to see the daily picture…and some other fun pictures throughout my day.

Gotta give credit for this idea to Mix and Match Mama. If you’re not reading her blogs and following her on IG, you should…like yesterday. I loved seeing the picture a day of her cute family, and it inspired me to start #phillipsfamily2014.

Even though I’ve been IGing these from Day 1, I’m just now starting to blog them. So I’ll just start from last week…


Day 106: We had dinner at Poppy (my Dad) and Mimi’s house. Graydon loves his grandparent time and we loved the food and company!


Day 107: Hmmm…a familiar sight. A baby that will only nap in my lap. Today was definitely a battle of the naps. I’m SOOO thankful he’s a good nighttime sleeper.


Day 108: Good Friday! Yep, it’s a sign of a good day when we get to wake up to these snuggles. Love my boys.


Day 109: Our Easter bunny visited on Saturday, so we could spend some time with our little family of three. Sundays are usually very busy for us since my husband is the worship pastor at our church.


Day 110: Happy Easter! He is Risen. We had a lovely Easter weekend that you can read about here.


Day 111: Family picture downtown at the courthouse. We were so excited to be present for baby Jax’s official adoption into the McNary family. Such a happy day to celebrate with our friends!


Day 112: There’s just something about holding Mama’s hand that makes you sleep better. I’m going to cherish these days and hold onto them for as long as I can.

 It’s almost the weekend. Woohoo! Have a great day!

Come back every Thursday for the weekly recap #phillipsfamily2014.

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