#phillipsfamily2014 Week 17

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 17

Happy Thursday, friends! Here’s our Week 17…

Day 113

Day 113: Baby-led solids with Graydon…post coming soon about BLS. His face may not look like it, but steamed squash was a hit tonight at dinner.

Day 114

Day 114: Proof I was in the kitchen making that awesome roast from yesterday’s post.

Day 115

Day 115: Backyard makeover…kind of. I see a messy leftover dog run from the previous homeowners…my husband sees potential for a great new garden in the corner of the yard. #hisvisionsisbetterthanmine


The boy wouldn’t nap longer than 15 out of my arms today. So what did I do? Put him in the car and drove to Dairy Queen for a treat. Guaranteed car nap…YES! Happy mom, happy family.

Day 116

Day 116: FINALLY watching Frozen on this sleepy Saturday morning. I think we’re the last people on earth to see it. Maybe I’m not supposed to, but I totally LOVED Elsa. And yes, THAT song is stuck in my head on repeat!


#momconfession: Sometimes I look forward to bedtime all day long, and then when he’s fallen asleep in my arms, I don’t want to put him down. Savoring the baby moments today.

DAY 117

Day 117: Checking out a new food truck park that my husband gigs at occasionally on the weekends. No music today though. Daddy got to hang out with the family. Yay!

Day 118

Day 118: What a day! Could hardly get this sleepy boy through bath time. Dontcha just love a baby in a hooded towel? I think I’ll buy him these until he’s 16…or till he tells me he’s too big for them. Please let that day be a looong time away.


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