What’s On…Your Nightstand & Graydon Turns 7 Months!

What’s On…Your Nightstand & Graydon Turns 7 Months!

Good morning, Monday! Looking forward to a week at home with my little boy. Last week was super busy and full of a few more firsts for Graydon when we met his great-grandmother and got his first taste of the Texas coast (more on that tomorrow).


Gotta start with this…GO SPURS GO! One of the few times you’ll see sports on TV in our house is Aggie football or the Spurs. Love our team all year long, but playoffs are just so much fun to watch and this weekend didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to Playoffs Round 2.

Now for the next installment of What’s On…My Nightstand!


My nightstand and the end table on my side of the couch are almost synonymous. Lots of time is spent in those two spots nursing and holding baby. Several of these items travel with me up and down the stairs a few times a day.

My nightstand is usually full, but almost always stacked neatly like this. I keep my clutter in little piles around the house, but at least I always know what’s in each little stack.



  • This is the first year I’ve had Life Planner and I’m wondering how I’ve gotten along without one all these years…especially when I was a teacher! I loved getting to design the cover with my favorite words and phrases. That Erin Condren is one smart lady. I now want one of everything she makes!
  • When Graydon was born and the mommy instincts took over, I was tired of reading incessantly about pregnancy, birth, and the first year. So instead, I pulled out all of my Nicholas Sparks novels. They’re easy to read and light. I can pick them up for a few chapters and then put them down for a few days (or weeks) until I have time to come back to them.
  • My bible is the Chronological Life Application Study Bible. I’m really enjoying reading it in chronological order. I’m able to better understand it and make new connections this way.
  • For Easter, my husband gave me a new Joyce Meyer devotional. A page a day is an easy quick read when I don’t have time for more.
  • There’s always assorted baby items on my nightstand: Summer Infant video monitor (which we LOVE!), wubbanub, burp-cloth, baby nail clippers, etc.
  • And finally, I have my staples: Texas A&M Tervis, iphone, and chapstick.

A little peek IN my nightstand…


  • Bottom of my nightstand has books, books, and…more books! Some are still leftover from pregnancy. Some Nicholas Sparks that I haven’t gotten to yet. And a few random ones that I’ve read at one time or another.
  • I also keep a couple of journals for when I feel like writing. The black one on the left is one that my husband and I have added to over the years with little notes, songs, post-its, ticket stubs, thoughts.
  • I just noticed my Belly Book is in there. I’m pretty sure I STILL need to go back and fill in weeks 28-32. I think that’s right after we moved into this house, and I was too tired to do anything. Highly recommend this book for documenting your pregnancies…you know, if you actually make time to fill it out. It’s only a page a week.

Looking forward to linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to see what’s in everyone else’s nightstand! Do y’all have as many unread books in yours as I do mine?

And now for my favorite part of each month…GRAYDON TURNED 7 MONTHS!


Each month we take a picture (or 50) in his anywhere chair. I can usually get a few good ones. I can’t get enough of that smile!


He’s throwing me the Jack Nicholson eyebrow as I like to call it. This often reminds me of when Jack Nicholson was the Joker. I think it’s a combo of Graydon’s eyebrow and mouth.


Sophie joined in a few pictures to keep him happy.


And then it just went downhill from there…


Now that he’s mobile, I can barely get a picture that’s not partially or entirely blurry. He climbed out of his chair and over to me.


We also take pictures on his quilt that his great-aunt made for his birth. My aunt makes us all a quilt on our birth, graduation, or a special event that we’ve had. I think all the cousins have one now. Love this special tradition.


Then I got this face again. This kid cracks me up. After this, he was all over the place. You can see two big red marks on his forehead where he climbed over to the piano and bumped his head against it trying to lick it.




I’m not even sure why he’s so interested in that wall, but he wanted to lick that too. What a fun stage he’s in! No really, I LOVE THIS age and stage. He’s so much fun and such a joy to be around. I love all of his personality…even his LOOKS.


And we ended with this. I think he’s trying to tell me he’s done and needed a nap.

Now that we’re closer to 1 year than birth, is it too early to start planning his birthday party?! I’m so excited! It’s October 3, so I’m picturing all things fall…oooh, Pinterest is begging me to starting pinning ideas now.

Have a great day! Tomorrow, I’m recapping last week and Graydon’s first trip to the beach.



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