Road Trip to the Coast

Road Trip to the Coast

Last week, we took a family road trip to Rockport. This trip had three purposes:
1. To see my mom’s new home
2. For Graydon to meet his great-grandmother
3. Baby’s first trip to the beach

I still can’t believe we have this much stuff packed into the Expedition for just a couple of days. This is our third road trip with Graydon. For some reason, the bigger he gets, the more stuff I seem to have to pack for him.


And yes, I brought the exersaucer. That thing is a lifesaver and will keep Graydon happy for hours!

And we’re off! Driveway selfie.


 As long as Graydon’s got a wubbanub and his Sophie, he’s pretty happy in the car and sleeps for a few hours. I hope he’s always a good car traveler.


My mom and stepdad moved to Rockport last summer and split their time between here and there, so we always try to make the most of our visits. This is the first time we’ve been able to travel to them.


Graydon loves spending time with his G-Mama and G-Pa. He’s always listening intently to the stories they tell.


This boy was immediately at home enjoying the coastal breeze on the patio.


My oldest brother and his family also live in Rockport. Tuesday evening, we had a good old-fashioned family dinner and all sat down at the table together to enjoy some ribs that had been smoked on the grill all day. Yum!

IMG_6568Of course, we had to get a few family pictures.


My oldest niece, Reese, a.k.a. “Little Chandra” since we look so much alike. She’s growing up to be such a beautiful, sweet, smart, caring young lady. And she’s quite the hunter and fisherman (fisherwoman?) too.  I can’t believe this (almost taller than me) middle schooler is the same little baby I’d take care of during my spring breaks, so my brother and sister-in-law could spend a few nights away.


Wednesday morning, Graydon got to meet his Me-Mommy for the very first time. She’s a special lady and he could tell right away. He wanted to get in her lap and hug her immediately.


They instantly had a bond, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. If she turned away, Graydon would laugh or cough to get her attention back. He’s very fortunate to still have four great-grandparents. FOUR! They’re all in their mid/late 80s and still doing well. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to travel to spend time with each one since he’s been born.


The next morning we finally made it to the beach! A cold front had blown in the night before, so it was cold, windy, and overcast….BOO 🙁 This was NOT at all the sunny beach day I had planned for us, but we went for an hour so we could get a few pictures and put our feet in the sand.


Graydon’s first taste of sea air! He spent a lot of the beach time with his tongue sticking out in the wind. I guess it’s his way of taking it all in, silly boy.


We had to take the touristy pic in front of the Rockport mural.


The worried face came out when we first put him in the sand. I still can’t get over those expressive eyebrows. He doesn’t need words to tell us how he feels. He’s been able to communicate with his eyes since birth.


Since it was so cold, we were the ONLY people on the beach. It was completely deserted! We’ve been coming to Little Beach since I was born, and I’ve never ever seen it like that…EVER.


Graydon loved kicking his feet in the sand and was completely enthralled by the squawking seagulls walking around just feet from us.


Even if it wasn’t the perfect beach day like I had planned, any day at the coast is better than a regular day at home.


After a few nights away, our little traveler was ready to get home and back to our regular routine. I’m so glad Tim was able to get a few days away from work and we could take Graydon to the coast to spend time with family. I’m looking forward to our next visit this summer…and getting a sunny day at the beach!



  1. The beach is the best. Now y’all need to come to Connecticut.

  2. It was a fun time. Summer of 2015 will be the best when G can run and really experience the beach. Loved having you all there with us.



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