Bluebonnet Pictures 2014

Bluebonnet Pictures 2014

I’m so excited to share our first family photos. Not just of this year, but EVER. Can you believe it?! We’ve never taken professional pictures as a family. Actually, Tim and I don’t even have professional pictures as a couple. Not even wedding photos since we eloped. We have plenty of snapshots, but one of us is usually looking a little wonky or the lighting is off. So I was super excited when our newborn photographer offered a bluebonnet session.

These photos are extra special to me.


My sweet Graydon boy was 6 months old. Can’t get enough of those blue eyes with the bluebonnets!




He wasn’t quite sitting up yet. We got him to perch in the bucket. And then this happened…


Yep, pretty adorable for the photo! Not so adorable for his diapers for the next week. I’m wondering if bluebonnets are poisonous…either than or the dirt he ate didn’t like his tummy.


My little Texas boy.


Now for the family pictures. It was super windy. Had to give up on any kind of hair style and just let it go.


Graydon wasn’t so much into smiling but had a lot of worried eyebrows.


At the very end of the session, I got him to smile that smile that only mama gets. LOVE this shot of us…post-baby double chin and all.

These last two are my absolute favorite. Definitely framers!



Huge thanks to the incredibly talented and patient Chelsea Lietz. She was even 7 month pregnant with baby #3 moving around in this field with her adorable belly totally focused on making us look good. If you’re in the San Antonio area check her out here. Her specialty is newborn portraits. She. Is. The. Baby. Whisperer.

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