#phillipsfamily2014 Week 20

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 20

IMG_7506 Day 134: I noticed the cats were super intent on something in the front bushes. Baby birds learning to fly! While Graydon pretended to nap (rolled around his crib playing), I  sat with the kitties at the front window watching the last baby bird leave the nest. The mama kept chirping and coaxing it out, but it was reluctant to fly. Cue the life metaphors… IMG_7549 Day 135: My whole world is on this couch. Isn’t this just the sweetest?! I love seeing the bond between father and son. IMG_7534 Day 135 Bonus Pic: I can’t believe how BIG he’s getting! I had to buy my 7 month old 18 month jammies in order to get them long enough for his legs and arms since he’s outgrowing them every 2 months. Thankfully there’s room to grow in these. Suddenly, new jammies make him look more like a boy and less of a baby. IMG_7658 Day 136: Parents Night Out. Friday night we got out sans baby to celebrate a sweet friend Rachel’s graduation with her Masters in Recreational Therapy. What a cool degree! I’m so happy that she gets to do what she loves now and will be able to help so many people. IMG_7659 Day 137: Out early Saturday morning with my boys. It was a gorgeous morning to stroll around the Pearl Farmer’s Market and pick up some goodies. Nice to still have a cool morning. I know those won’t last much longer. IMG_7703 Day 138: It finally happened…the suspicion of a child playing silently. Found him eating diapers while I made breakfast. He was having a blast so I let him play for a minute. I’m realizing this is only the first of many messes. #ImNoLongerInControlOfTheMess 706fb70e9974c409c04b7c208e0edb26
This speaks volumes to my last two weeks since Graydon has gone from creeping to full mobility of crawling. And getting faster by the day!

IMG_7595 Day 139: I’ve finally jumped on the Scandal bandwagon…Why did it take me this long?!..and have been binge-watching it ALL DAY on Netflix. We had to escape to the park for a much needed break and some fresh air. That Olivia Pope is no joke. #gladiatorsinsuits IMG_7573 Happy feet kicking on the swing. We’re enjoying the park near our house while school is still in session and it’s empty during the day. IMG_7741 Day 140: We spent the afternoon at G-Mama’s house. Graydon got to bring home lots of new-to-him toys from his cousins that he’ll grow into in a few years. I brought home another DIY project. Gotta get to work on some sanding and refinishing. If it works out, it’ll be a great blog post sometime. 7ab758545cf1069a45ad6aa99b59c627

And finally… GO SPURS GO! This time of year reminds me of last year watching the playoffs in our new home awaiting the birth of our first baby. Today marks exactly one year since we closed on our house. What an incredible year it’s been! Come back tomorrow soon for a throwback to this time last year. For now, there’s a cranky teething baby whining at my feet.

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