Tia Rita’s Green Chile Seasoning

Tia Rita’s Green Chile Seasoning


First if all, let me talk about my Scandal obsession. Seriously, why have I just now gotten on board with this show?! It definitely sucked me in and I’ve been bingewatching it on Netflix since last Thursday. It rained on and off all weekend and all day Memorial Day, so I had the perfect excuse to be in front of the tv all day. My mom has been telling from the start that I should watch and I’d always tell her it’s just not for me. But now I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. Part of me wants to finish watching the series, so I can get on with my life. But part of me doesn’t want it to end because I’ll have to wait until the fall for next season. #stayathomemomproblems #ireallydohavebiggerthingstoworryabout

All right. Now that that’s off my chest…linking up with Andrea for Recipe Club! Today’s post isn’t exactly a recipe, but  a new MUST HAVE for your spice cabinet.


The flavor of the month at our house seems to be green chile seasoning. It is salt free and the level of spice can vary depending on how much you use. I’m all about FLAVOR not just heat, so this seasoning does the trick. I’m still nursing and it doesn’t seem to affect baby, so I’m thinking it’s probably kid-friendly too.

My husband and I fell in love with THIS seasoning on a trip to New Mexico two years ago. We stayed at our friend’s house and found this seasoning in the kitchen and decided to give it a shot. It was LIFE-CHANGING! I don’t know if it was the fabulous view we had from the kitchen, the mountain air, or the seasoning, but everything just tasted incredible that night and we were hooked!


I mean…wow! Look at this view! We ordered several bottles of the stuff and cook with it weekly. Now when we use it at home it’s kind of like having a little bit of New Mexico with us again in our own home. The flavor takes us back.

This week I’ve added green chile seasoning to…


…hamburger meat. Let me tell you, this took my burger to a whole new level! I’m already craving another.


…kabobs on Memorial Day. Perfect flavor for veggies on the grill.


…cornbread muffins. I added a little grated cheddar cheese and several shakes of green chile to Jiffy box cornbread mix and fancied up my muffins.

Really it can be used on anything and everything from meat to veggies to breads.

Again, I know this isn’t really a recipe post exactly, but it’s what’s going on in our kitchen lately. Hopefully, I’ve opened your eyes to something new. A little Southwestern flavor can jazz up your meals. We’re already looking forward to HEB’s hatch chile festival at the end of the summer. You can be sure I’ll have some great new recipes from our haul of peppers. Until then, try this. You’ll thank me later.

Can’t wait to check out some of the other recipes in the link up and try them out…maybe with a little green chile seasoning.

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  1. we found this seasoning on our trip to NM last year at the Hatch Chile Festival. We love it too. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it out there again this year. We too are waiting for HEB chile roasting. do you know of somewhere closer to San Antonio that sells this seasoning?


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