#phillipsfamily2014 Week 21

Just in case you were wondering, I finally finished my Scandal marathon. Whew! SO GOOD! It’s definitely on my “to watch” list for the fall. Now I need a new series to watch. Any suggestions? I still need to watch the last two seasons of Dexter. I’m kinda curious as to how it ended. Maybe I’ll start there.


Day 141: Now that he’s mobile, he’s crawling everywhere. His new favorite thing is to crawl over to the baby on the fridge and give kisses. Basically, leaving drool and wet finger prints all over the place.


Day 142: My sous chef helped me bake cookies for Ladies Night Out with my sweet Rockhills friends. I explained to him that I may not be able to cook as good as Daddy, but he can always count on homemade breakfast and some yummy baked goods.


Day 143: Today is a sad day of teething—and it’s only the beginning. Watching cars on the front porch and chewing on his Sophie made him feel a little better.


Day 144: Thank you God for the rain! Our yard is so thirsty as we try to regrow all the grass that died over the past year and get this yard back into shape.


Day 145: After church we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (Tim’s parents) to have a nice family lunch. This is the first time Graydon’s been able to play on the floor with his cousins and crawl after them. I love this little glimpse into the future of cousins playing together. Although with all these boys, it may not be as sweet as I imagine.


Day 146: Memorial Day was spent at home enjoying a Netflix marathon of Scandal while it poured All. Day. Long. The sun came out long enough to grill in the evening.

*Side-note on Memorial Day* I noticed a lot of people say Happy Memorial Day, and I got to thinking about that because I wondered if it was an appropriate use of the phrase “Happy” to add to a holiday. Yes, we’re happy about our freedom, but I wondered if it was insensitive or if there’s something better to say. I asked my husband as an Infantry veteran what his thoughts are. He said…It’s ok if you inadvertently say “Happy Memorial Day” to a veteran. They know what you mean is “thank you.” And while this day is technically a day to remember those who are no longer with us, no harm done in thanking a veteran who is still alive. The gratitude is appreciated. I’m fairly certain that “Happy memorial Day” doesn’t mean “I’m glad your friends died.” So Thank You to my husband, his friends, and many family members who have served our country and fought for the freedoms we have today.


Day 147: Graydon played with his big cousins in the afternoon. He absolutely loves watching the big kids run around. He already looks up to them in awe. So cute! I’m glad I was able to snap this picture of Graydon and Hadley. When he was a newborn, we made her hold him for a quick photo. As soon as we took the picture, she said, “Can you please get this baby off of me?” Girl cracks me up! She wanted nothing to do with a baby.


Bonus Pic Day 147: This is how my crazy boy wanted to spent dinnertime. He usually joins us at the table in his high chair and we have family dinner. Tonight he just wasn’t having it. He climbed all over the car seat he’s quickly outgrowing.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Such cute shots of Graydon!!
    I think we’re going to need one of those “Sophies” soon!
    I just discovered season 3 of Scandal is on Netflix–so excited to catch up 🙂


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