What’s On…My Walls and June Goals

What’s On…My Walls and June Goals

I can’t believe it’s June already! I’m linking up with Andrea today for “What’s On…Your Walls” to share a little bit of our home. Taking a look around our house, I immediately think I should title this “What’s NOT on our walls” because they are so bare.

So here’s the deal. We moved into this house exactly a year ago this week when I was 23 weeks pregnant. We (and by we, I mean my husband a couple of good friends) painted the entire house from top to bottom in the 10 days between closing and our move in date. By the way, this is something he says he never EVER wants to do again. It was quite a feat.  Once we had a fresh coat of paint on the walls, they looked so clean and pretty, I didn’t want to put any holes in them and hang pictures. Plus, I wanted to live here for a few weeks and get a feel for how I wanted to decorate. So those few weeks turned into months as my belly got bigger and bigger during the hottest part of the summer. At that point, I was already thoroughly covered in pregnancy sweat in this Texas heat by 9am and I wasn’t about to do anything that made me sweat any more, so the walls went undecorated again. By the fall I had a newborn, then this first-time mom was finding her groove with baby, then baby got bigger, and here we are now. He’s 8 months old, we’ve lived here an entire year, and our walls are still barely decorated.

It’s a work in progress, as I’m sure everyone feels about their home. Here’s what I do have up. I made a wine cork bulletin that holds recent cards, invites, and thank yous. It’s on the wall in our kitchen by the back door.


Here it is without the cards, so you can see it better. It’s really simple to make. I glued our wine corks to a yard stick from Home Depot. Super inexpensive (minus all the wine we drank) and a great use of corks. I have several bags full and I’m always looking for more ideas of how to use them. I’d love to hear your wine cork craft ideas!



Also in the kitchen is a chalkboard I made from a frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted pistachio, cut lightweight particle board from Lowe’s, painted it with chalkboard paint, and put it together with fasteners. When I remember, I change the picture or saying for each holiday.


I need to update it this week for Father’s Day. I’m sure Pinterest has some cute Father’s Day chalkboard ideas. It’s still on the Easter saying I borrowed from Erika’s Easter Style post. Thanks Erika!


I started a gallery wall with a few sentimental pieces and a couple new ones I’ve picked up at Kohl’s and Hobby Lobby. I need to order our family bluebonnet portraits on canvas to add to it.


I usually change up our front entry depending on the season. Again, a few leftover Easter items are lingering and a painting I did last year at a ladies night event with church. I may as well get out my Christmas decorations at the rate I’m going. Hey, then I could be early for something!


Graydon’s room has a few things up.


I’m still hanging onto his diaper wreath. I’ve already pulled off the toys and a few other items I’ve used the past few months. It’s one of those sentimental things that I love, but it’s probably time to take down.


This is my very favorite thing that’s in his room. A gift from my sisters-in-law at his baby shower. We definitely prayed for this child for a long time.


My favorite verse is also hanging in Graydon’s room.

From here, it’s starts to go downhill. Here are the letters I found in a cabinet that I never painted for his room. I have everything for them. I just need to sit down and finish start them.


Here’s where it gets embarrassing. Feel free to scroll through the next few pictures quickly.   These are all items that are sitting around the house to be hung, framed, finished, or taken out of a box. Oh My!


My pregnancy tracker chalkboard needs a new home. It was in Graydon’s room, but wasn’t very stable on the wall. Also needs an update from, uhh…8 months ago!


Shelves sitting in the corner of the upstairs game room.


Framed art in a closet. I think my diplomas are in there somewhere also.


A box of frames that I need to go through in our “Harry Potter” closet under the stairs.


A “new to us” mirror a friend gave us. Where should I hang it? I was thinking our bedroom, but I need something to go with it. Don’t mind the pile of shoes behind me.


And more things I found in the closet. Along with my little explorer chasing the cat.

I’m going to check out the other posts in the linky to get some ideas. I need inspiration and motivation. I’m hoping that if I put my bare walls out there, I can get you to hold me accountable and decorate this next month. Which leads me to my next thought. Since it’s the start of a new month, I’ve been wanting to put together some goals. I write to do lists all the time in my planner and on my phone, but I want to intentionally write down a few things I want to work on this month. Then you guys can also hold me to it and I’ll update at the end of the month.

June Goals:

1. Put things on my walls! I need to either complete a couple of rooms or do a little in each one. Either way, I should post a “What’s On My Walls” redo at the beginning of next month. It’s time I settle into this place and make our house more of a home because we are here to stay.

2. Take Graydon to the library and read more. This summer I’ve already signed us up for Baby Time at the library. It’s once a week in the afternoon and should be lots of fun, especially since we’re meeting up with friends. I may even check out some books and start reading again.

3. Cook dinner more often. My husband usually cooks. Yes, I know I’m spoiled and blessed by that man. He’s better at it. He likes doing it. His food is way better than mine. Sometimes he needs a break after a long day, so my goal is to cook more often during the week.

4. Commitment to the blog. I’m still new at this blogging thing. It’s like my decorating. I have good ideas and intentions, but they don’t always get done. I’m loving the link ups because it gives me a topic and a deadline, so that’s a good place to start. I’d like to get in a better routine of blogging at least 3 times a week.

All right, I think 4 goals is enough for this month. I’ll report back in a month and we’ll see how I’m doing. We’ll also see if my walls are a little less bare.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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