Graydon at 8 months

Graydon at 8 months


8 Month Stats
Weight: I tried the technique where I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding Graydon. According to that, he weighs 21 lbs. I could easily be off by half a pound, but it sounds about right since he weighed 18 lbs. 10 oz. at his 6 month check-up.

Length: My home measuring skills with a wiggly baby estimate 29.5″ compared to his last check-up at 28.” He seems to be growing at a steady rate, healthy as ever. He was born big and is keeping up those stats.

Clothes: He is in 12 month clothing all the way. I recently bought him 18 month cotton pjs at Carters and his long arms and legs fill them out. At the rate he’s growing and the rate in which the cotton shrinks, I was buying him new pjs every 2 months. Hopefully, he can keep these longer than that.IMG_6967

Sleep: We’re not super strict about bedtime, but it’s nice to keep a consistent routine. He is an excellent nighttime sleeper. Usually clocking in 11-12 hours at night. On a typical night, he will easily go down after nursing by 8:30. Some nights he sleeps completely through the night till morning, but most nights he’ll wake up anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30, nurse, and go back to sleep till 8:30, sometimes later. I don’t even mind getting up with him once a night if he needs it. Bedtime is not something I want to fight him on. Occasionally, there are those nights where it’s just not happening, so he stays up later and hangs out with us, or he’s up earlier in the morning. That’s when we have coffee on the porch and watch the kids walking to school. I try to make bedtime a pleasant experience that works for the whole family, and if that means adjusting the time every now  and then, then I’m ok with that.

He’s always been a great nighttime sleeper. Wish I could say the same for naptime, but I guess I can’t have it all. He rarely naps in his crib longer than 45 minutes to an hour. In my arms, that kid will sleep all day. He’s also an excellent car napper when we run errands.


Eating: Still nursing 5-6 times a day. We made it 8 months! Woohoo! Next goal is 1 year. We started baby-led solids after he was exclusively breastfed for six full months. I like that he’s able to explore flavors and textures that are part of our meals. He likes being able to pick up the food himself, and I like that he’s working on those motor skills. He’s tried many kinds of fruits and veggies. Some foods have worked really well, and others not so much. At this point, he’s eating solids 1-2 times a day: sometimes BLS, sometimes purees. The majority of his nutrition is breast milk and our motto is still “food before one, just for fun.”




Making farting noises. Yep, I said it. Some moms would call it blowing raspberries. My son straight up plants his mouth on your leg or arm and makes the loudest farting noises I’ve ever heard —and I have three brothers! I may have to find a new name for this since I’d prefer that word to not be one of his firsts.

Chasing the cats. He gets so excited to crawl after them and try to catch them, which he never succeeds at, but it sure does entertain him and keep him busy. The cats have been very good and definitely warmed up since Graydon was born. They like to sit within a few feet of him, but not too close that he can grab them.

Also likes: walks in his stroller, going to Home Depot and the grocery store with Dad, riding around in his Baby Bjorn, anything outdoors, jumping in his jumparoo, playing in his exersaucer, and bathtime.

Bottles, bottles, and bottles. I’ve tried and tried and wasted lots of frozen breast milk over the months, and he just won’t take it. Actually, he gags! I even tried putting it in a sippy cup. I’m home with him and rarely have to leave him longer than a couple hours, so it’s fine. We’ll go straight to a sippy cup someday.

When I leave the room. He’s learning distance real quickly and knows when mama gets too far away for comfort. He is definitely a mama’s boy right now.


Graydon started officially crawling this month. He spent last month scooting, creeping, and basically doing the worm backwards, and then rocking on all fours. One day he just rocked forward and crawled! Within a week or two he was able to get around the house very quickly. He now ventures almost everywhere downstairs. Luckily, he still doesn’t understand climbing, but baby gates are in our future. He’s also pulling up to his knees, so we had to lower his crib all of the way. Won’t be long before he’s standing.

Top and bottom teeth have been in competition to get here first. His bottom gums are very swollen. His top two teeth just broke the skin in the past week. Anyone else have a baby get their top teeth first? Those suckers are sharp too!  He still has an adorable toothless grin that I’m savoring for a little while longer till these teeth become more visible.

Said “Mmmmaa-maa” emphasis on the M in the past, but I haven’t heard it lately. Said a loud and clear “Da-da” at Target yesterday for Tim and I both to hear. We totally had a moment in the ladies’ athletic wear aisle when that happened.



I love my smiley, happy boy! 99% of the time he has this big open-mouth grin on his face and is laughing. I hope he keeps this joy in life as he grows. I’m looking forward to what the next month holds and watching my sweet boy grow and learn.

Happy 8 months, Graydon!



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