#phillipsfamily2014 Week 22

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 22


Day 148: We made a family trip to Milberger’s Nursery and came home with some fresh herbs for tonight’s dinner. Graydon loved riding around in the Baby Bjorn. He reached out to touch every leaf and plant within his reach.


Day 149: Thankful for my sweet brother who not only has the capabilities to work on cars but gave up several of his evenings to fix mine. New brakes! Feeling safe again.


Day 150: He’s so happy I let him play with the remote for a few minutes. This is something I rarely let him do. He has tons of toys. He doesn’t need the remote or my iphone, but that’s all he ever wants to grab. I think it made his day!


Day 151: Happy Saturday working on my own DIY project in the garage…in between baby’s schedule of course. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a sander. I thought for sure I’d drop it, but I did a pretty good job. I’ll post before and after pics of my project later.


Day 152: It’s come to this: confined to the pack n play so I can clean upstairs. Downstairs is still free to roam since he hasn’t figured out climbing stairs yet. I see baby gates in our future.


Day 153: Trying out his new pool float. If he’s this excited sitting in it in the living room, I can’t wait to see what happens when we take him to the pool. First swim coming soon!


Day 154: Happy 8 months sweet boy! Yesterday’s post is all about this little guy.

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