#phillipsfamily2014 Weeks 23, 24, 25

#phillipsfamily2014 Weeks 23, 24, 25

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I thought for sure it had only been a couple of weeks, but I was shocked to get on the blog and see it had been 6 WEEKS! Yikes! Where have I been?! The answer to that is with a cranky teething 9 month old who got 5 teeth in one month’s time. Loads of fun! Now that we’re getting over that phase and hopefully baby and I are both getting a short reprieve from the pains of teething, I’m back (and hopefully back to sleeping longer at night again).

Let’s play a little catch up. Here’s what’s been going on in our daily lives. I’ve got tons more posts and ideas I’ve half written on my phone, but I’ll get to those starting next week. Today is half of my Instagram recap from the last few weeks.

Get ready for an overload of Phillips family today.

Week 23

IMG_8220Day 155: Wednesday, we made it to Baby Time at the library. I even checked out two books! So far, so good with our June goals. Will post about the books I read on tomorrow’s June goal review.

IMG_8244Day 156: He’s not a fan of the pack ‘n play, but he’ll sit in a laundry basket eating a tambourine the entire time I fold laundry. Gotta keep him in one place until we get that baby gate at the top of the stairs.

IMG_8267Day 157: Good morning, Friday! I’m trying not to turn the TV on first thing in the morning, and instead start the day by reading and playing with Graydon.

IMG_8327Day 158: Graydon loves going to Guitar Center as much as his Daddy. He was especially mesmerized by the percussion and stage lighting. I’m already looking forward to buying him his first guitar and drum set. For now, he likes to play the shaker.

IMG_8356Day 159: Tired boy playing in the rocker before church. Sundays are such long days for him with Tim and I both at church for 4-5 hours each. Life of a worship pastor’s wife/kid.

IMG_8365Day 160: Monday, we continued our yard work from the weekend. Let’s see if I can keep these flowers alive longer than a month. Anything that blooms usually withers within a few weeks of being in my care.

IMG_8383Day 161: Love this boy so much! I enjoy our morning, days, evening, anytime on the front porch watching cars and getting fresh air. He’s so content playing in his exersaucer while I read a book. It’s our quiet time together.

Week 24

IMG_8403Day 162: While the twins napped, Graydon got some one-on-one time with Auntie Kat. He happily slobbered on her necklace while she got snuggles. This face cracks me up! Those lips!

IMG_8414Day 163: First time riding in the cart like a big boy! Since Graydon is getting so big, I look pretty ridiculous lugging around his infant carrier and am sweating in this heat by the time I get inside the store, so I thought I’d try putting him in the cart. It worked out fabulously! I guess I should’ve tried this sooner. Just didn’t realize he was there yet.

IMG_8480Day 164: Learning to brush his teeth. Starting healthy habits early.

IMG_8501Day 165: Watching the World Cup. All. Day. Long. #becausefutbol

IMG_8509 9.05.02 AMDay 166: Happy first Father’s Day to my incredible husband who is the most amazing father to our son. I knew he’d be a good dad very early on in our relationship. Seeing him with our little boy every day is just proof of what I knew years ago, and it makes me love him even more.

IMG_8551Day 167: Afternoon front porch sittin. He watches cars. I read a book. Winwin!

IMG_8579Day 168: My sweet sister-in-law was in town and Graydon got to hang out with his big cousins. I love how much they adore him. It’s so sweet to see him watch their every move and look up to them in awe.

Week 25

IMG_8580Day 169: Baby Time at the library. This time he played with the other kids and ventured away from me to get the musical instruments he wanted. I’m glad to see this growth since he’s had some major separation anxiety lately.

IMG_8653Day 170: One of us just had a great nap… It wasn’t me. Mama is tired.

IMG_8666Day 171: It’s been far too long since we’ve been to our favorite store. I think Hobby Lobby was happy to see us back again. Time for 4th of July decor.

IMG_7235Day 172: This boy’s cuteness just gets me every time. I love, love, love his big open mouth smile!

IMG_8703Day 173: Before church selfie. Graydon wasn’t quite feeling it, but he smushed his face next to mine for a pic.

IMG_8717Day 174: New book, morning coffee, and my boy. Enjoying every second of him sitting still in my lap. This book has been awesome so far. So much guidance and wisdom for boy moms.

TimDay 175: First trip to the pool this summer. He was less than thrilled with the experience. There was only one other family at the pool. However, as soon as I was easing him into the water and placing him in his float by the steps, the a little girl “swam” by and drenches us all. Graydon took a face full of water and just lost it. So he pretty much hated the pool for the next 20 minutes. What an unfortunate introduction to swimming. And the little girl didn’t say anything nor did her parent who was right there watching my infant get a wave of pool water to the face. 🙁 We’ll have to show him the pool is more fun than that. He warmed up to after a little while, but never really seemed happy.

Yep, a whole lotta Phillips family today. I’ll finish the Instagram recap catch up on Friday.

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Tomorrow, July goals…even though it’s already the middle of the month. Never too late for goals though.







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