July Goals

July Goals


I posted my goals last month thinking that would be good accountability. It’s shown me what’s realistic for me right now, and what kind of expectations I should put on myself (in addition to the everyday cleaning and taking care of baby).


1. Put things on my walls.
Sadly, my walls look just about the same as they did a month ago. I realize when it comes to household chores, taking care of baby, and living life, decorating is just really low on my priority list. I’ve adjusted this goal to be more realistic for this month.

2. Take Graydon to the library and read more.
Success! Graydon and I went to Baby Time at the library twice this month and we signed up for summer reading (or listening in his case). I have such fond memories of the library in the summertime with my mom and want to pass that love of reading on to him.


I also checked out a few books that I’ve been wanting to read. I read 2 books this month…highly recommend both.


First I read, Defending Jacob. This is not a book I would normally choose, but I’m so glad I did. I first saw the recommendation on Blue-Eyed Bride (Erin has some good book recs) and then noticed several Instagram friends post and comment about how intriguing it is. I was engaged throughout the entire 400 pages of this mystery.


And then I needed something a little lighter to read, so I went for Sparkly Green Earrings. I’ve been wanting to read her book after discovering The Big Mama Blog. Such a fun, quick read about motherhood. Looking forward to reading The Antelope In the Living Room soon. And my favorite part…Melanie Shankle is a local author from San Antonio! Now I’m on the lookout to see if I run into her around town. 😉

3. Cook dinner more often.
I realize I’m just not the dinner cooking kind of wife. I’m going to continue to leave that to my husband. Really, he enjoys it. I’m great with breakfast, lunch, and desserts. Since Tim works from home, I often make us lunch and we eat together several days a week. Same with breakfast. If he doesn’t have an early meeting, we have family breakfast alternating who cooks. I’ve also kept us in good supply of yummy treats this month.



4. Commitment to the blog.
Well, I definitely missed this one by a long shot since I unexpectedly took a long blog break.

My June goals were kind of hit and miss. Instead of looking at what I didn’t do, I thought back to what I did accomplish. I sorted and packed away all 6-9 month baby clothes. Unpacked, washed, and organized all of the 12 month hand-me-downs from the cousins. That took awhile with a little one crawling all over the piles I sorted.

This month, I want to have goals that are fun and I look forward to. Not a checklist to be hard on myself for not completing. I know it’s already the middle of the month, but I wrote these on my phone on July 2nd, so I’ve already been working on them.


1. Read 2 books.
I’ve already started reading Something Borrowed. Even though I’ve seen the movie, I thought it’d be an easy summer read.

2. Library with Graydon.
Finish our summer reading program.

3. Finish 2 half-completed crafts or projects.
I have a habit of getting really good ideas, buying all the supplies, and starting a project only to stop midway when life gets in the way.

4. Stick to a budget.
No extra spending. So far, so good.

5. Setup my office.
The room is painted and ready for moving in furniture. My blank canvas awaits.

6. Donate clothes and clean out closet.
I need some new things after having a baby. It doesn’t matter that the baby weight plus some is gone. Nursing means nothing fits the same. Since we want more kids at some points, I may as well get some new things that I’m comfortable in and give up the old ones. I have so many clothes from my teaching days that I don’t see myself wearing in the next few years that I’d love to pass on.

7. Take more pictures with my good camera.
And maybe learn how to use something besides the auto setting.

All right, I’ve got two more weeks to reach my goals. At the beginning of August, I’ll post a goals recap. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aaaaa, library time at Brookhollow. Glad it stuck with you.

  2. Ok, now I am all caught up on the blog. Can’t wait for Aug post.
    Love you to the moon and back and ever more. So proud of you, my Princess.


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