#phillipsfamily2014 Weeks 29, 30, 31

#phillipsfamily2014 Weeks 29, 30, 31

This week is another triple dose of my Instagram recap. Next week, I’m determined to get back on track with one week at a time. Thinking about the last three weeks, I wonder what we did. Then I see these pictures and realize how packed our lives have been and that summer is just flying by!

Week 29


Day 197: I redeemed myself from the epic cookie fail I posted a few weeks ago. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but every other time I make this recipe, my cookies end up flat. Thankfully, they turned out fantastic this time.


Day 198: Telling bedtime stories man-to-man. I see a lot of these talks in our future.


Day 199: He approves of the new big boy car seat.


Day 200: It’s a happy Saturday when there’s more than just junk mail. Val Marie Paper prayer journals came in today. Can’t wait to use it.


Day 201: Happy Sunday! This boy loves wearing Daddy’s hat, and he totally looks like a mini-Tim here.


Day 202: What moms do when baby needs a longer car nap between errands. Thank goodness for Dairy Queen blizzards.


Day 203: I had my first publicly proud sappy proud mom moment. Graydon and I submitted his summer reading (listening) log, and he picked out this book at the library. Miss Carrie made an announcement over the speaker congratulating Graydon, and then the entire library clapped and cheered. His little eyes lit up, and he smiled and clapped too! I might have teared up a little. I know it was for Graydon, but I totally felt like they were clapping for me because I did something right as a mom. I needed that.

Week 30


Day 204: Making butternut squash baby food puts me in the fall spirit. Is it too early to decorate?


Day 205: Playing sweetly with his girlfriends’ (yes, plural!) baby dolls. One day he’ll grow up to be a good Daddy (and hopefully someday a big brother first), so loving on baby is fine by me.


Day 206: Finally installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs, and then this happened.


Day 207: Best little sous chef I know.


Day 208: Sunday morning isn’t easy when church is during morning nap.


Day 209: Keeping cool by staying out of the house awhile longer since our AC is out again. Different, more expensive problem than we had in May. #homeownerproblems


Day 210: This boy is doing some serious people watching at Costco and loving the attention he gets in return. Clearly, he doesn’t get enough attention at home.

Week 31


Day 211: Found the first teeth marks today. Apparently, he’s as sad as I am about tearing up his beautiful crib.


Day 212: Bahama Bucks lives up to its reputation! And I gave Graydon sugar for the first time (gasp!). He proceeded to do the sprinkler and head bang in his stroller from the sugar high…not even exaggerating. We took video!


Day 213: Testing out the glow in the dark jammies tonight. They work!


Day 214: Some of my favorite Saturdays are walking around the Pearl Farmers Market with my family. These flowers have fresh basil in them and smell amazing!


Day 215: Happy 10 months to my smiley boy! Time to start planning the first birthday party.


Day 216: He’s so happy we moved his chair into the living room. Now he can watch tv with us like a big kid.


Day 217: Family doughnut run in our pajamas. Graydon doesn’t yet know how fun his parents are. He’ll figure it out soon enough.

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