Fredericksburg Family Fun

Fredericksburg Family Fun

Tim took a few days off work last week, and we spent much of it on staycation enjoying some time at home together. Thursday, we decided to get out of the house on a day trip to Fredericksburg for a little Hill Country and wine tasting…baby and all!


Sidenote: I was super excited to find another top from the prepregnancy side of the closet that fit again. Nursing (although 100% worth it) is still making my choices pretty limited.

Our favorite lunch place closed down about two years ago, so on the drive up, I googled lunch spots in Fredericksburg. The one that caught our eye was Fredericksburg Herb Farm. Anything advertising herbs is an automatic yes from my husband and the restaurant menu sounded wonderfully delightful, especially when it’s made by a “talented young chef who prepares food with a passion.

I should’ve known by the write up that this is not exactly a take your baby to a casual lunch kind of place. We walked into a gorgeous dining room surrounded by windows overlooking the herb garden, water feature, and nearby spa and Sunday Haus Cottages (a.k.a. fancy little bed and breakfast that also serves food to passersby). Eeek! After we were seated, I looked around and saw that it was ONLY couples and ladies lunching together. Leave it to us to be the obnoxious couple that brought a baby into the quiet dining room. I suddenly felt like those people that I couldn’t stand and we’d stare at before we had kids.

Luckily, Graydoon took almost an hour nap on the drive there and woke up in the most delightful mood, ready to hang with mom and dad. We ordered, ate, and he was well-behaved throughout the entire meal. This may have been a fluke and we definitely won’t test these waters again bringing a baby here, but I am so glad it worked out this time.


A serious face for a serious restaurant. He was waiting politely for his food too.


Just look at that chicken pot pie! Ah-maz-ing! Wish I had gotten a picture of Tim’s tomato basil pizza. The basil tasted like it was freshly picked from the garden behind the restaurant. I’m sure it was!



I just love the way he looks up to his Daddy. Melts. My. Heart. Happy boy after lunch.


When we left, the hostess (an older woman who I thought was going to turn us away at the door) even commented on how quiet and good he was. High-five! After lunch we headed to Rustlin’ Robs to stock up on our favorite dips and sauces. This place is great because you can try every single dip, spread, sauce, salsa, EV-ERY-THING they have as you shop. We were so stuffed from lunch, we didn’t have our usual sampling feast. I still managed to try a few pecan butters.






Graydon was such a trooper getting in and out of his car seat multiple times. By the third time we loaded back up, I sat in the back with him between stops to keep him company and keep those smiles going. Last thing we wanted was a baby meltdown at the vineyards.


Next stop: Circle E Candles. These are my very favorite candles. Ever. They burn well, evenly, last forever, and smell incredible. We stocked up on our favorite fall scents and one summer scent, Hill Country Bluebonnets. Orange Patchouli is one I haven’t tried before, but it seems like it will be a good transition into fall or even a good spring scent. Our home is going to smell so yummy.



We finally made it to a vineyard. Grape Creek is a special place for Tim and I. We’ve been coming here since we were first dating in ’09 and many occasions in between. Now we’re here with our little family. IMG_9992

After we did the wine tasting, we got a glass to enjoy on the patio. It was a gorgeous day with enough of a breeze to make the 100 degree heat only feel like 92 degrees. While I was taking in the scenery, I thought back to the last time we were here. It was January of 2013 the day after our church marriage retreat. We decided to continue the fun with a short drive to Fredericksburg since we were only 20 minutes away. It was also my 30th birthday weekend. Lots of celebrating and fun with friends.  I found out I was pregnant with Graydon the very next morning!







By this point in the day, it was the perfect time to head home during nap time. We stopped by one more vineyard to get a bottle of a favorite tempranillo. I stayed in the car while Tim ran inside. And then we sat in the car for a few extra minutes before driving off taking in the view, daydreaming about someday owning some land with a view like this. For now, we’ll enjoy it in the Texas Hill Country on weekends.





No road trip, long or short, is complete without a blizzard from Dairy Queen. While the boy napped, we stopped for a treat and enjoyed the scenery on the drive home while Graydon slept all the way. It was the perfect family day.





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  1. I want to see Graydon soon. He is so stinkin cute. Oh yeah, seeing y’all would be a nice bonus. Circle E candles are the best.



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