#phillipsfamily2014 Week 32

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 32

This week we’ve been enjoying our last days of summer. Even though it doesn’t change our schedule much, I’m still feeling the back-to-school buzz through teacher friends going back to work and sending kids off to school (some for the first time like two of my nephews). I’ll miss the playdates and being able to see friends during the week. Although I’ll miss friends, I’m also so ready for kids to go back to school. Living by the community center has its perks and its drawbacks as we’ve found out this year. I’m looking forward to a quiet neighborhood again and going to the pool during the day without the craziness of summer.


Day 218: Celebrated my best friend’s birthday on Wednesday. I’m so glad to have this lovely lady in my life. It’s hard to find good friends as an adult, and I’m so fortunate to have Kat. She’s my voice of reason, one of the strongest people I know, and an amazing mama too (She breastfed twins for 13 months…yep, 13 months! Totally earns her a HUGE gold star on her mom chart.) We’ve been through so much life together in the last 6 years…and we still like each other!  Graydon and I will miss getting to see her and the twins as often as we want.


Here’s a few recent playdate pictures of our crazies. Graydon loves him some Camille and Emery, especially Emery. We found these two cuties kissing in the tunnel the other day. Oh my! I bet we won’t think it’s this cute if we catch them doing this as teenagers.


Day 219: Spent a gorgeous day in the Hill Country. Read about it here.


Day 220: Graydon’s new favorite spot to play is behind, under, and around his great-great-grandmother’s rocking chair in our living room. He usually rolls the ball across the seat and watches them fall behind the chair so that he can go retrieve them. Minutes of toddler fun!


Day 221: My kind of Saturday. Starbucks breakfast date with my boys and then Hobby Lobby for 1st birthday party craft supplies. Mama is happy.


Day 222: Totally pumped for his Cheerios in the morning.


Day 223: Spending time with G-Mama and Aunt Chel. This baby could totally hang at girls’ lunch for the almost two hours we ate and chatted. I’ve definitely learned the secret to a happy boy out to lunch is to get that morning nap in just before we go. Or take a long drive on the way to lunch so he can sleep, which I may or may not have done.


Day 224: Boxes make the best toys. He played for 20 minutes pushing boxes around the kitchen floor while I worked on a blog post.

Enjoy the end of your week!

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