December Goals

December Goals


December is here! And with it, brings all of that magical holiday excitement that only this time of year holds. Tim and I already act like kids around the holidays, but I’m excited now that Graydon is over a year old, he can really start to participate in many of our traditions. I want this month to stay simple. I want to let my usual, unending to do list be put on hold this month, and simply enjoy the season.


1. Celebrate our 25 Days of Christmas
Each year we write down 25 things we want to do, see, experience, make, etc. They range from free or inexpensive like baking, making a Christmas craft, watching a holiday movie, or having a picnic by the tree to minimal cost like a new Christmas movie or book. Some years there’s even a few splurges like seeing Trans Siberian Orchestra or going on a day trip. I print out our list, cut apart each activity, and place one in each door of our advent calendar. Some days needed to be planned and placed into the calendar on a specific date, but most are randomly put in. Even though I made this list, I can’t wait to open it each morning and see what our activity is for the day. This year’s advent leans more towards Graydon-friendly activities that are easy to do with a 14 month old. We’ll save going to The Nutcracker and TSO again till he’s a little bigger.


2. Slow down and Soak up family time
I’m the first to admit that I can be a little high-strung and let the little things get to me. I better start singing the song now because my motto this month is to “Let it Go. Let it Goooooo….” Yes, Elsa is my role model this season. I want to slow down, relax, and take it all in, enjoying all of the extra family gatherings and time with friends.

I want to enjoy little moments like this one. It makes my heart so happy to see the love of music passed on to Graydon. I wonder if he’ll get his father’s musicality? I hope he doesn’t get my singing voice. Yikes!


3. Remember the reason for the season
All of the lights, decorations, and Christmas fanfare all symbolizes the beginning of this season, which ultimately leads to celebrating the birth of Jesus. I want to make sure that Graydon knows above all else why we celebrate this season. I know he can’t truly understand The Christmas Story yet, but right now he’s learning through playing with his nativity set as we talk about the birth of Jesus and read his toddler Bible.

4. Clean out my closet
I had to add at least one productive item on the list for the house. I have been meaning to clean out my closet for months. Has this been on my goal list before? Probably. Clearly, it needs to be on here again. So many changes in the last 4 years: quitting teaching, having baby, not needing traditional work clothes now, style growing and changing as I’ve gotten older. I know I only wear 20% of what’s in there, and I’m finally ready to stop holding onto clothes I’m never going to fit into or wear again and pass the along to someone who could wear them now.


Here it is. Eeek! This was taken this morning in its unaltered state. There are teacher clothes, weekend clothes, clothes from many years ago from “the skinny years,” maternity clothes, post-baby body clothes, umm, I think I even see a “goodie bag” from the hospital back there…yep, it’s all in here. And apparently fallen onto the floor. Since I know I need to clean it out, I haven’t cleaned it up recently. Sadly, my husband’s side is much neater.

Goals set. I’m ready to enjoy this month with my all-too-active-for-focused-pictures little one. Happy Monday y’all!







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  1. So proud of you, my beautiful daughter. You are focusing on the importance of life right now. Days will fly by with nothing being accomplished in your eyes but raising Godly children and being Light to your world is your calling for now. You were raised praising God with uplifted hands so go forth and continue your journey. I love you more. Mama


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