#phillipsfamily2014 Week 47 & 48

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 47 & 48

What a busy two weeks we’ve had. Graydon’s first haircut, Thanksgiving, the start of the holidays, and some typical toddler life at our house. December has brightened our mood and brought with it new hope for the season. It’s only going to get more holiday-ish and exciting from here!

Week 47IMG_3491

Day 323: Drumsticks in the bath. Sure, why not?


Day 324: A baby with his first big fever and a husband who is still recovering from his back going out last Saturday. Our house needs some prayers for healing, and this mama needs more patience.


Day 325: The prayers were heard! He’s feeling good enough to get into everything again. Also, check out the mullet. It’s going away…very soon.


Day 326: Red cup therapy on this rainy Saturday. #clichestarbucksselfie


Day 327: He loves nap time cuddles from his little boy.


Day 328: Baby’s first haircut. The “before” picture still smiling in my arms.


He was a good boy, but was done with his haircut. I’ve yet to get a good “after” picture.


Day 329: Graydon has the best G-Mama who came over to play while I got a couple hours of housework done. Looks like he enjoyed his park time!

Week 48


Day 330: This little guy is ready to see his cousins. Road trip!


Day 331: Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for this little family God has blessed me with.


Day 332: This pretty much captures our Thanksgiving week with the cousins: action-packed, loud, blurry, fun, silly boys. It was perfect.


Day 333: It smells like Christmas in here! #whyiloverealtrees


Day 334: Even though Sunday mornings can be long and hectic preparing for church, this little boy’s day was made when his daddy took a few minutes to push him around in the chair before leading worship.


Day 335: Sending out a little Christmas Cheer. Toddler bites marks included.


Day 336: Celebrating Day 2 of our 25 Days of Christmas. New ornament with the year of our first Christmas together.

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