#phillipsfamily2014 Week 49

#phillipsfamily2014 Week 49


He’s giving some looks today. This little stinker was up 3 separate times last night, and then only took a 30 minute nap today. He’s pretty congested and not feeling well, so he spent a lot of time in my arms  or hanging onto my pant leg any time I attempted to get anything done around here. Needless to say, I didn’t get to finish the 25 Days of Christmas post, so today is an instagram recap. Stay tuned next week for Part 1 of our 25 Days of Christmas.


Day 337: I’ve been telling him the nativity story as he plays with the figurines. Apparently, he really liked my rendition of “Away in a Manger.”


Day 338: Nap time activities and a Hallmark movie. The cheesier, the better. As silly as some of them are, I still end of watching the same ones each year. Hallmark has 12 new movies this year! Several of them are super cute. What cracks me up in those movies is all of the strategic product placement. Characters will slowly sip their coffee and pose with their mugs right next to a big ol’ can of Folgers or the camera lingers on their Wal-Mart bags as they take them out of the car. Well done, Hallmark, well done.


Day 339: If he’s not ramming his tractor into the tree, he’s removing all of the bows and tags from presents. Maybe this is why Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve??? I’m rethinking presents under the tree. #toddlerproblems


Day 340: Waiting to meet Santa at Mimi’s library. All smiles…for now.


Day 341: Praise the Lord this boy had a good day at church! This is the fist Sunday he hasn’t cried the entire hour in nursery. He was fist bumping and high-fiving people on his way to his class, and returned to me with few tears in between.


Day 342: Cousins in jammies. Sweet boys. I love how much they love to play with each other.


Day 343: We spent the evening playing tourist downtown, admiring the lights and the giant Christmas tree in Alamo Plaza.

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