Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

TGIF! I’m off to do some Christmas shopping sans baby. Woohoo! Tim is taking Graydon grocery shopping in order for this magical morning to come true. He’s a good man. I appreciate all he does for our family. He’s my number one FAVORITE!

FAVORITE beverage this week is Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. “It’s a major award!”

IMG_9709 - Version 2

Gotta love a beer that’s themed after one of my favorite Christmas movies. Monday, we celebrated my sister-in-law’s new teaching job and the family’s future move back to San Antonio–YAY! My brother and Tim went out to get some celebratory supplies and dinner, and this is what they brought home for me. Karbach is a local brewery in Houston. Local as in we’re in the same state. It’s dark like a Guinness, but not that rich and you certainly won’t feel like you need a spoon to drink it. It’s more of a consistency like a Sam Adams Boston Lager. Ever since Graydon was born, I just don’t have a taste for liquor anymore—except a really good margarita— but I love a good, flavorful dark beer. Weird, I know. That college girl who only drank Miller Lite is branching out to the good stuff now. Maybe my tastes grew up…  So if you like dark beer, you should totally try it! Plus, the label is just super cute. Yes, I have been known to choose my beer and wine based on the label. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes.

FAVORITE piece of mail. My Christmas Cheer package came in! Read about the exchange here. I’m looking forward to making sugar cookies with the family next week with my new goodies.


FAVORITE holiday moment so far. Santa pics went exactly as I predicted this year.


Is it bad that I was actually looking forward to the crying Santa photo this year? I think it’s so sad and hilarious at the same time. Graydon was all about Santa, hanging out waiting his turn, and the moment he left my arms just completely lost it. This sweet Santa even put up with several strong toddler kicks as he politely fixed Graydon’s outfit and set him down, ready to pose. By the end of the visit, Graydon was fist-bumping and all smiles at Santa. Too bad the camera was already put away. #rookiemommistake


Here’s last year’s picture at Bass Pro Shops. Graydon is looking at me off to the side. 3 month olds don’t really care who is holding them as long as they can see Mama.

FAVORITE new plate for G.


Zulily didn’t disappoint. The plate I ordered in November finally made it in. I’m hoping to grow Graydon’s collection of name plates for the various holidays and events. This is his first one! He’s now finally starting to eat off a plate and not just fling it onto the floor, so I’m excited to use it this weekend.

Happy Friday y’all! This weekend is going to be another busy one for us. I’m headed to Katy tomorrow for my big brother’s graduation. I’m super proud of him. After many, many years, he’s finally graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Proud sister here! Since I’m just doing a day trip and not really wanting to strap Graydon into a car seat for 6 hours plus sitting through a 2 hour graduation, the boys are staying home and having some father-son time. This’ll be the first time I’ve left Graydon for an extended day. Wish me luck!

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