Week 1: #dailystayathomeself2015

Week 1: #dailystayathomeself2015

One week into 2015, and I don’t have any real insight or revelations. I can’t even honestly tell you it’s any better or different from 2014. But I love the idea of newness and the hope that a new year brings. I also love having a January birthday because the year starts over and so do I. It’s nice of my parents to coordinate that for me.


Day 1: It’s a new year and this boy has new things to learn. This year we are working on colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. LeapFrog fridge phonics is his very favorite toy from Christmas. Aunt Lauren did good! One week in and we haven’t lost a letter…yet.


Day 2: Family dinner and then movie night after the boy goes to bed. I’m still getting used to having Tim home on Friday nights. For 2.5+ years, he had a gig every single Friday night, so I got used to being solo most weekends.


Day 3: On Saturday, we had a playdate with our favorite twins. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we got to try out the girls’ new see-saw and play in the back yard. Graydon’s shirt says it all. My little hunk. 🙂 One day I’ll get a picture of all three smiling at me even if it takes until they’re 18. At least they’re all looking in the same direction.


Day 4: Sunday, we lounged around after church. I found him sitting in his upside down chair. Remember those super cute chair pics I’d post celebrating each month of his life? Yeah, this is about as good as it gets now. Happy 15 months, sweet boy!


Day 5: I’ll take the snuggles when I can get them. Even if it is an impromptu nap at 5:00 pm and dinner needs to be made.


Day 6: Happy, healthy, and on-the-move! Nothing’s stopping him after 3 vaccines. We had a great well-visit. Graydon’s keeping up his tall stats at 32.5 in (90th percentile), and staying consistent with his thin genes at 23 lbs. 8 oz. (50th percentile). He got his first sticker (surprisingly didn’t eat it) and wore it all of the way home where I found it stuck to the coffee table.


Day 7: I’m amazed at the things we’ve been doing/saying for months that he’s finally catching onto. He now does “praise the lord” after praying or anytime he feels the urge during meals. He’ll raise his arms up and wait until Tim and I both do it until we can all resume eating. This toddler stage is getting really fun!

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  1. Love rereading the updates. “And a child shall lead them”. Keep praising The Lord as you were taught. Everyone knew Miss Prissy at Churchill Bapt MDO for this teaching.


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