All American Boys

All American Boys

To kick off baby’s first Fourth of July, we had an impromptu front yard photo shoot. Laying on my belly in my pajamas while the neighbors walked their dogs, watching me go all mama-razzi on my babes, I captured some of my favorite moments from the day. I gave them a couple of American flags to play with and mostly let them crawl around and do their thing. Our DIY American flag from last summer was the perfect backdrop for the day. Original flag tutorial here.

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My all American boys. Graydon is so proud of his “O-merican flag” as he calls it. We’ve been talking a lot about the flag and our country this week, and he can spot an American flag miles away when we’re in the car. He’s definitely into all things red, white, and blue right now, and even colors entire pages in his coloring books with just those colors.

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Smith was a sport about the photos, but was about ready for his morning nap. Though he barely slept all of 45 minutes the entire day. It’s like he could feel the holiday excitement in the air. Seriously, I think he could tell I was putting him down for nap, and then joining big brother out back in the splash pad, and didn’t want to miss out on single minute of fun in the sun.

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Since Graydon turned two, I’ve pretty much given up on getting him to look at the camera and smile. He’ll say “cheese” while looking everywhere, but the camera. I’ve grown to love the silly, uninterested, stop-taking-my-photo, are-we-done-yet faces that I capture. But once in awhile, he’s willing to participate, and I capture his great big wild and free two year old happiness. I’m still so in awe that he’s mine.

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Phillips boys, you two have a sweet brotherly bond that I’m enjoying watching develop. I pray that you’ll always be each other’s best friend, supporter, and ally as you go through life together…even when you make each other cry. Big brother got a little carried away with the flag he was using as a sword.

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Happy first fourth of July sweet baby! I think this may be the last “first” major holiday before your birthday. We’re going to soak up all the baby goodness for now.



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Happy fourth of July 2016! God bless America.


  1. Yay! So happy to see you blogging. As always, your boys are the most adorable boys ever.

    • Thank you! Your encouragement really got me motivated today.



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