Pumpkin Patch- Round 2

Pumpkin Patch- Round 2

Bulverde UMC pumpkin patch always has a special place in our hearts. We’ve been coming here since Graydon was just weeks old. I think it was even one of our first outings with a new baby. The church is only minutes from our house making it easy to stop by for a quick visit. They always have the pumpkins displayed perfectly with little areas set up to take pictures. I can’t help but to reminisce about past years’ photos.

2013 – Brand new parents with a newborn Graydon less than 3 weeks old.
I remember it taking us FOR-EV-ER to get out of the house that morning because we were still so new at taking a baby out.

2014 – Graydon at 12 months

2015 – Graydon at 2 years & almost 1 month old Smith

2016 – Graydon at 3 & Smith at 12 months
I can’t find the pumpkin patch picture from last year, so a porch picture instead.

2017 – Graydon 4, Smith 2, and baby bump 17 weeks

One day, Smith will be over his disdain for photos, Graydon may not squeeze our necks so tight, and just maybe…maybe…we’ll all be looking and smiling at the same time. But for now, we’re embracing the stage we’re in with our little people. I love my perfectly imperfect family!

Smith was content running around all of the pumpkins, touching every single one and collecting rocks.

Graydon loved trying out all of the cut outs.
He even played along and say still for a couple of good pictures.


He’s looking so BIG at four!

I think they would’ve stayed and played on the pumpkins all day.

“I got a rock!” – Charlie Brown

Mama’s boys

And just like that, Smith is over the wagon.

The giggling pictures reminded me of two years ago’s giggling pictures.

My oldest and my {soon-to-be} youngest.

Still holding onto those same two rocks.

By this time, it was starting to rain on us. So we headed out on our other Friday morning errands. Graydon requested pizza from Sam’s Club, and this pregnant mama is always up for a slice! Great start to the weekend!



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